September 10, 2010 – some brief notes and images

Here we are again at the beginning of another school year. The summer of 2010 in Halifax has been phenomenally beautiful, weather wise. It was day after day of clear warm sunshine with occasional overnight showers. I don’t recall any previous summer being so consistently beautiful and this one started early too. It almost makes me think twice about my retirement plans to seek a warmer climate, but that’s a long way off.

On one hand we loved the weather. On the other hand it’s been quite alarming to read that this has been an almost globally consistent situation. The ubiquitous warming was predicted by climate change scientists. I don’t believe it’s “a blip” as many will argue. I also don’t believe it’s a natural cycle as so many people argue. I’m just baffled by the folks who seem to recoil when I ask if they believe it’s man-made global warning. Folks say things like “the earth will balance” and “there will always be changes in climate” and “it’s a natural thing, it’s happened before”. Maybe their denial is rooted in fear.

work underway on the CommonsBack to local updates; have a look at the Commons from September 9. It’s the start of construction for the Canada Winter games speed skating oval. This corner of the Commons seems like it’s been under constant heavy use all summer, which I suppose is a good thing, although I would rather see some trees and gardens and trails and benches with people lying in the sunshine reading books and so on.

On Quinpool I found this graffito spray painted on a blank window on the street side of the Superstore. I’m not a fan of the average graffitti tagging style but this is something that made me smile. It rises head and shoulders above the average paint and it actually enhances and otherwise dead spot. Talk about artsy. I love it! Can you see what it is?

Many of you have seen these funny mini-galleries of crafts. What a quirky installation to find while striding, head down and huffing with seriousness on the way to work in the morning! What’s it all about? They seem to be a naive sort of work but all contain upbeat positive and happy messages, encouraging people to exhibit civic pride and friendliness toward others. They’re all carefully made with wires holding small pine cones on the carefully cut boards. Each is meticulously painted with all sorts of free extra semi-colons. Talk about smile inducing. I love them and have bought two so far. The idea is to take a plaque and drop some money in the money bin… well worth it due to the extra dose of joy it will bring to your day. There are a few around the downtown. Nicole MacIsaac did a an excellent piece on this in Spacing Atlantic. ~ Thank you anonymous artist! ~

And finally, a huge BOO to Eastlink for their illegal trashy commercial graffiti style sidewalk advertising. I hope they get a fine for it to help discourage other companies from feeling they can just go around spraying their ads on public sidewalks and public property. I suspect it’s the work of one of the few guerrilla marketing companies that have appeared in the market lately. Legitimate ad agencies despise them because they give the whole industry a bad name. I have an earlier blog devoted to the topic of illegal advertising. I heard a segment on CBC radio where HRM traffic guy Ken Reashor said the city was taking action. Good!

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