Hurricane Bill


Here’s another event where you’re either in the “oh it’s just a bunch of hype” camp or the “better get ready” camp. The same thing comes up anytime you mention swine flu although people seem much more divisive about H1N1.

Did we get ready for Bill? Yes indeed! I’m no alarmist but as a long time camper and gadget lover I have plenty of stuff on hand that would get us through any form of disaster from a short power outage to a full blown zombie apocalypse.

What did we do to prepare? Well we tend to keep a small freezer load as we don’t have a separate deep freezer so the foods we bought were more or less what we always have on hand anyway, with the addition of a bag of powdered milk and some bottles of juice instead of frozen concentrate.

I bought a can of naptha to fuel my trusty 1950’s Coleman stove that I bought in a Miller and Johnson auction around 25 years ago. Some older technology like my Coleman 411 is really the epitome of function and good design. Also coincidentally the first car I owned was a 1968 Volkswagon 411 given to me by Capt. (Ret’d) Larry Dzioba to transport his daughter/my future wife around town. Again with the old technology that might not have been great but we sure loved it.

A few years ago I bought a small 1000 watt Honda Generator and have never regretted the expense of buying such a good quality unit. I put fresh gas in every year (it takes just over a half gallon and will run over 8 hours on a tank), change the oil and it always starts on the second or third pull. Of course it seems that testing it will guarantee there will be no power outage but it doesn’t hurt to have it ready just in case.

Our tiny pantry areas (mostly just cupboard shelves and hidy holes around the kitchen) are filled with our normal foods; pasta, rice, canned goods for chili and my made-up bean and curry things. I have enough camping stove power to keep going for days, the little generator can power enough lights or computer gear or even the furnace if needed and we have neighbours who will go out of their way to help each other.

That’s about all I can do. I hate to sucumb to any hype or fear mongering but the satisfaction of being ready for any issues whether at work, as a parent, or while waiting for a major storm is rewarding in itself.

Batten the hatches and stay safe.

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