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Introducing Timeline

Facebook Timeline rant

Introducing timeline
Tell your life story with a new kind of profile.
Introducing Timeline.

Stupid Timeline page

jumble crap shit

But I don’t want a new kind of profile. If I wanted my Facebook profile to look like some kind of jumbled cluttered MySpace page with all my previous posts flashing up on screen I would have sought something like that out. It feels like Timeline has crossed some other kind of line.

For this reason I’m going to start blogging on my personal blogs again… I can control these.

Blech on Timeline – one man’s opinion.


3 Things You’ll Hate About Facebook’s Timeline’s Kristin Burnham switched to Facebook’s Timeline two months ago–and she isn’t a fan. Here’s what she’s learned about the new design.


Halifax Skating Oval – YouTube





Deep lard fried dough coated with sugar.







St. Pat’s-Alexandra sale violated policy | Reality Bites

St. Pat’s-Alexandra sale violated policy | Reality Bites.

Some good comments here. How can the city just ignore its own clearly stated policies?


No more Quinpool Kid

The Chronicle Herald recently ‘upgraded’ their online paper and in the process killed the community blogs; no warning, no email, no discussion or plan to allow us to copy them. There were really only two active blogs, Quinpool Kid (mine) and Halifax Memories, and amazingly well written and very interesting blog by Dennis Cato who grew up in south end Halifax. He seemed to have an almost museum quality collection of memorabilia and historical artifacts, and a wonderful memory coupled by a literary gift.

Anyway, as stated they were killed with no warning. I emailed a couple of times but got only brief comment they would be restored some time. Further emails went unanswered. I’m being ignored now.

Absolutely not impressed.

Quinpool Kid


Blogging from my ‘phone’

Is there anything my little Android device can’t do? Wow!