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David Whitzman

David Whitzman PPC

“I have no great aims in art. No axe to grind. No world ailments to cure. I paint to please myself and to bring pleasure to others.”

This week I had the great pleasure of taking my Mom to visit her friend of many years, David Whitzman. We had a delightful time in his room at his seniors home off Lacewood Drive. It’s very close to the Keshen Goodman Library where you can go see one of his grand seascapes.


After graduation from Nova Scotia College of Art David became a teacher during World War Two. He later continued as an independant artist with shows and sales in various locations. He always enjoyed painting sport fishing scenes, such as his 1966 Wandering River (below).

When we stopped to see him, his eyes twinkled with each story and joke. What a kidder! At 94 he still has his paintin equipment with him at all times but as he said, he does most of his painting in his head. He says that when he’s resting he will start a canvas, and over a periof of time he’ll return to to and complete a whole painting. I wish we could tap into that artists reserve of mental paintings!


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