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An athiest goes to church

Well that was interesting.

Last night I attended the Celebration of New Ministry with The People of the Diocese and Susan Elizabeth Moxley Fifteenth Bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Wait did I say “attended”? Aw heck, I participated in it as an actual performer. It was quite neato and very interesting indeed.
I don’t get to many church services, so to have participated in this one was to have attended in real style. To be more specific, I play in a Brazilian style samba band that lead a procession into the church at the beginning of the ceremony. I am quite sure that is a first for the Anglican Cathedral Church of All Saints in Halifax, seat of the Anglican Bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward.

The service was full of traditional ceremony and pagentry, which fascinated me. The clergy and church officials wore white and red. There were robes and tall red hats and brocade and various wooden and metal rods and staffs. There were Acolytes, Vergers, Deacons, Subdeacons, Chaplains, Celebrants, Directors, Chancellors, Archdeaconry representatives, Priests and of course Bishop Moxley herself. Her Honour Lieutenant Governor Mayann Francis was in attendance as well.

It was a mix of solmnity and also of smiles and a sense of joy. Bishop Moxley made comments about social justice and working to fight poverty, both of which sound a note with me.

Anyway, just thought I would share a little bit about my Friday evening.