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Village Elders?

It’s that time of year again. The students are back. I love pretty much everthing about it! We shop at the Quinpool Center and it’s a hotbed for the big community of young people who migrate from all corners of the globe to attend our universities. We see them trying to re-create the comfort food Mom used to make, picking through the meager bokchoi pile or looking for some tabbouleh that has the right colour.

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Something I learned from my nieces

When someone is taking a photo – pose! Show your teeth even if you don’t feel particularly excited about being photographed. It makes pretty much every photo look good.


August 2007 – cottage update – foreign property ownership

The cottage is taking shape… we’re more or less done for the year with the exception of a chimney. The old Franklin fireplace we dragged down there is going to live outside now and I’ll connect a small CSA approved stove I bought a few years ago. It’s safer.

I need to finish boxing-in the remaining wiring that is exposed below five feet from the floor before NS Power will approve final connections. In the meantime we have three live outlets and rely on extension cords, which is fine for the time being. It will be much better to have it finished though. The deck is done now and we’ve beed enjoying it very much. During these warm days it’s the place to read, eat, nap and warm up after our many swims.

My brother Gerald and daughters Emily and Marisa, and sister Susan have been visiting for a few days. We all made it down to my sister Hetty and brother-in-law Ward’s place on the weekend with sister Carolyn and also my whole family for a welcome get together with good eats and lots of laughter. We visited the studio of Geoff Butler as well… what an amazing artist! It’s all very high quality time.

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